The Empty Room

Everyday I past this dark empty room in our household. It was the space that was suppose to be grown into by a child and it’s sat empty for the past 5 years. It had a hold on my emotions and was a constant reminder of my failures with infertility. It was an embarrassment to show friends and family and say with laughter we didn’t know what we were going to do with it, all the while silently cringing inside.

So, 3 weeks ago I took back my control and decided it would not stand empty any longer. I toyed with the idea of making it another guest room but we simply didn’t need another space for guests as both of our parents live in the same neighborhood and we rarely have the drunken nights anymore that require friends to stay the night.

So after throwing away a bunch of ideas I decided that at this moment in my life my main priority was my health.

And so, the empty room became a gym and mediation/yoga space. A place to get away and regroup. A place to cycle away the stresses of the day or week. A place to finally get serious. A place to take back my health mentally and physically.

Today is a brand new day and while I don’t know what the future will bring I am taking it day by day and for this moment I’m sweating out my cares and enjoying the space I’m in. Today “I am here”.

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