Honesty in Infertility

I don't recall anyone ever telling me "No, it didn't work for us, and that's OK"

In the years I struggled with infertility I've only ever heard "It worked for us." or "Just keep trying." Sometimes it was that they chose to adopt and it was the best decision they ever made. Either way, It always involved a happy ending tied with a bow. It's as if everyone around you is implying there are no other options but to succeed in becoming a parent. 

So few people share their stories after the struggle and choosing to be childless and happy.

These stories of those who fought infertility and succeeded gave me a sense of anger and envy. I sat in dark corners of my mind and drowning in the tears of whys. Why is my body betraying me? Why isn't anything working for me? Why can't I have that? Why me? Why?

Hearing the opposite might have provided some relief. Some semblance of making me feel less alone. Less broken. 

Childlessness is often equated to defeat. But, I'm NOT defeated. Today, I am stronger than I've ever been. I am more self assure of myself, my decisions and my body.  I am enjoying the quiet moments of reflection found within my soul and the freedoms that come with childlessness.

I may not have succeeded in becoming a parent but I am a success story.

Us in the Childless after Infertility need to speak up and redefine what success is. 
As someone once said "Can't success just be happiness?" and happiness can be achieved with or without children.