Infertility Warrior: Ashley

Q : Tell us a little about your infertility journey.
In June 2017, my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby as we were approaching
our 1 year anniversary of being married. We obviously thought it would happen quickly so
we were so excited. That summer went by without much thought about babies other
than we were trying but by September/October I started to wonder why it wasn’t
happening yet. I started to do some reading and decided to start tracking my cycle by
temping and using OPKs starting in January 2018 if we weren’t pregnant yet and we
weren’t! We did that until the spring when we finally started to talk about seeing our
doctors as we began to approach a year. In July 2018, we found ourselves in a fertility
clinic and after all the laps we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. We continued
trying by temping and using OPKs until February 2019, when we started doing medicated
IUIs with a trigger shot. Over the course of 2019 and early 2020 we had 6 failed IUIs and
decided to stop. Our next step is IVF in August of 2020 (barring COVID19 closures don’t
push our plans back any further).

Q : What has been the hardest part?
The hardest part was watching all of my friends start their families literally at the same
time. Watching them all be pregnant together and become new moms together while I
was just trying for 2 pink lines.

Q : What has been the best part?
The best part was sharing my story and making connections with so many people,
especially people I knew personally but had no idea they did struggle or were currently
struggling. Them opening up to me felt like such a gift and like I could take some weight
off of their shoulders so they didn’t feel like they had to hold it in and feel alone.

Q : Where are you now on this journey?
Currently, my husband and I are simply using OPKs and enjoying our time together before
IVF. We put so much stress on it over the years that we’ve gone from fun to work and
back again.

Q: What is one thing people kept/keep saying or asking during your journey you wish they
wouldn’t have?
I wish people would stop the toxic positivity. Telling me “it will happen” does not make
me hopeful or feel better when the reality actually might not happen!

Q: Anything you have learned that you would like to pass along?
Share your story. Talk. The moment not being pregnant feels painful is the moment to
start talking with those close to you. If you still feel pain, share your story with the world
or if that feels too vulnerable, seek out a counselor. Putting the story out there can be
extremely cathartic and healing.
Q: Anyone or anything that has inspired you along your journey?
I’d say funny infertility memes certainly get me through some of the tough stuff. That and
having a consistent physical and mental health practice certainly helps to stay balanced.

Q: What is the best part of your childfree lifestyle?
Even though we’d love to have a baby right now, we’re also glad to have so much time to
grow closer again after infertility took away so much fun. We’re enjoying our sleep, our
evenings, our friends weddings, and our travels. We’re enjoying being two right now and before it felt like we were rushing to not just have it being the two of us.

Q: Any resources or other accounts you would like to share that you found helpful during
or after your journey?
Tone It Up for workout and nutrition
Headspace for meditations and courses on anxiety
The 1 in 8 Facebook group is great and truly honest. You don’t get a lot of drama you get in
other FB groups around pregnancy/infertility..

Q: Where can people find out more about you? (Instagram, Facebook)
Insta - @wild.incaffeinated

Facebook - Ashley Risacher

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