My name is Missy Desiree and I am the found of The Infertility Chronicles.
In January of 2020 I decided to launch my new project “The Infertility Chronicles.”
Since being diagnosed with my own infertility in 2017 I have continued to openly share the realities of my diagnosis. I have written on my Facebook, blog and Instagram openly detailing the in- between of triumph and pain that come along with this journey. When I decided to start the Infertility Chronicles, I wanted to create a space where individuals and couples from all side of the fertility community could come together and share their stories.

The Infertility Chronicles is a culmination of stories and articles from myself and those in and the warriors surrounding the infertility community.

My husband and I met on March of 2005 through an online dating website and
were soon after married in the summer of 2007. But, in 2017 after almost 12 years together when we were finally ready to start our family I received a shocking infertility diagnosis that changed the course of my path to parenthood.
This journey has been one that has lead me to new a new way of life, new strengths, and opportunities that I never knew existed.

Now I am determined to not only continue sharing our story as a childfree couple after Infertility, but also the stories of those in our infertility community.

This blog is for those that have given their hearts into growing their families or decided that after infertility their hearts lie in growing as a childfree couple. 
From IVF to adoption and childfree lifestyle this is a blog about the stories, struggles and celebration of our infertility warriors.